5 reasons to choose York

It can feel overwhelming when it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of the many different universities you may be looking at applying to this year. So, let’s make your job easier by sharing with you five reasons why York could be the university for you.


Heslington Hall, Campus West

York is a campus university. By this, it means all the teaching, accommodation and other facilities are all in one place. It creates a mini town with everything conveniently close. There are shops, banks, a gym and even hairdressers on campus to make student living easier.

York is split up into two campuses. Heslington West is home to most departments and accommodation with the famous Central Hall right in the centre surrounded by the lake. With the JB Morell Library, you’ll have the perfect place to study as well as more areas dotted around campus for you to pick something up to eat as well as socialise with friends.

Swans on Campus East lake

Heslington East offers you even more student accommodation, more departments, another sports centre and great facilities to work in a social atmosphere with a restaurant, cafe and more shops.

With accommodation never too far from your department buildings and a free bus going between the two campuses, it is easy to adapt to and enjoy the on-campus life.


York Minster

York is a city known for its history and it’s one to enjoy. Just a short bus ride from campus is the quaint yet lively city.

The Minster is standing proud ready for you to take a picture of as well many museums to visit. There are so many independent shops and cafes to discover that you’ll never be bored of York.
With a city rich in culture right on your doorstep, it is definitely an added benefit for choosing to study in York.


The University of York prides itself on the research-led-teaching. This means, across departments, you get the chance to be taught by some of those top in their field. It makes your course more interesting and allows you to really engage with those who were the original creators of work that you will be studying. There’s also the chance to work alongside some of these people and even chances to be on board with research that may later be published.


Ron Cooke Hub, Campus East

At York, it’s more than just getting a degree in your subject. There is constantly voluntary opportunities to help boost your CV with experience. For example, school placements, volunteering in the community and more. The University offers many opportunities to learn more about the different job sectors available after graduation as well as the chance to receive one-to-one careers advice.

There is also places around campus that offer financial support and housing support. Plus there are the LGBTQ+, women’s and BAME officers at the Students’ Union.

At York, there is always someone willing to listen to you and help you with any trouble you may be having at your time at university. The staff and students want everyone to be able to get the most out of university as much as you yourself will want to as well.


This is York’s biggest seller. The college system creates a sense of family across campus. With college-run activities all term long you really have a chance to socialise with new people and enjoy the campus life. There are also hundreds of societies on campus where you can find like-minded people who have similar interests to you. With an amazing amount of sports clubs to join or even the chance to support the university at the Roses Tournament that takes place every year against Lancaster, you can really see how York is a big and supportive community for all.

More info

If you’ve read this and are keen to learn even more about what York has to offer, visit the University of York website to read specific information related to the different course available. Also, check out when our next Open Days are and we look forward to seeing you there.

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