College life at York

As a Fresher, I turned up on my first day at university not knowing what a college was, or what college life was about. Like many people, I assumed that they were just halls of residence. I really wish that I had taken the time to understand what they actually meant, as the collegiate system … Continue reading College life at York

Why I Chose York

With so many great universities around, making the choice about where you want to study your degree is far from easy. Whilst it’s true that all universities hold their own appeal, I know I’m not alone when I say that the University of York is special. In fact, within the first hour of visiting campus, … Continue reading Why I Chose York

Three things to look forward to as a natural scientist

Variety (is the spice of life) If you’re considering applying for a natural sciences degree, then chances are you haven’t completely decided where your future lies. Not everyone has their life planned out after their studies are over. A lot of people can’t decide, after finishing school, which single subject they want to study – … Continue reading Three things to look forward to as a natural scientist