Why I Chose York

The College System

Before starting at uni I was worried about living away from home in university halls and having to live more independently. The college system really helped me to settle in and form friendships straight away during Freshers’ Week. This sense of college community and support was one of the reasons why I chose York.

I was also attracted by the idea of catered accommodation. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about cooking or shopping during the week when I was busy with lectures. But it still gave me the freedom at weekends to cook with my friends or eat out in town.

Campus Wildlife

A nosy goose in James College!

When I first visited the University of York, I loved the amount of greenery and nature on campus with its pretty trees, flowers and wildlife. Being a Biology student, and having grown up in the countryside, this really made me feel at home.

The view from my window on move-in day

During my first year whilst living in campus accommodation, I loved being able to look out of my bedroom window and see the geese, ducks, squirrels and baby rabbits outside, as well as watch the seasons change through the year.

I also really enjoyed taking relaxing walks around campus. Especially during the Spring to see the super cute goslings, ducklings and moorhen chicks. A great way to take a break from revision!

Exploring the City

York Minster

I have found York to be a really vibrant and friendly city, which I really enjoy exploring during my spare time. It is a very historic city, with lots of interesting museums and landmarks such as Clifford’s tower, and the stunning York Minster.

Pretty Christmas lights in the city centre

As well as the regular shops and restaurants, York is full of unique independents and hidden gems. With loads of different events and festivals taking place throughout the year, there is always something to do!

Before applying to uni, York seemed like the perfect city for me to live in – not too big and daunting, but with lots going on to keep me entertained!


The lake on Campus West

When applying to study at York I was attracted by the vast amount of student-led societies on offer. There really is something for everyone!

I was especially excited about joining York’s bell-ringing society. This was a hobby I’d had for a few years before starting at uni and was now able to continue in York. This allowed me to progress and improve my skills, whilst making some new friends with the same interest as me!

I also decided to try something completely new by joining the rock climbing society, which is something that I would never have done before starting at uni!

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I'm Zoe, and I am a Second Year student studying Biology. I really love the wildlife on campus, including all the geese!