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The first society I joined during Freshers’ Week was Baking Society, and I have loved being a part of it ever since!

I love to bake at home, and I thought it would be a great way to continue baking affordably, without needing to bring loads of baking equipment with me to uni. It was such a great society to join – they provide me with a baked treat every week! Ranging from sweet to savoury, my favourite bakes have been Cookie Dough Brownie, Victoria Sandwich and Pizza!

Weekends on campus during term time can get a bit boring. So going to a baking session has been a great way to fill my Saturday afternoons. It’s a fantastic way to socialise plus food is involved, so it’s a win-win situation!

Becoming society President

After being involved in Baking Society throughout first year, I became President in second year.

Within each society there’s a committee, completely run by students. Whether it is through the role of President, Secretary, Treasurer or Social Secretary, there are plenty of opportunities to get even more involved in your society whilst also developing employability skills.

I have had so much fun running the society as President. Choosing what recipes to make, meeting new members and making amazing friends with everyone on the committee. This role has also improved my organisation and leadership skills, as well as allowing my confidence to grow.


As well as baking sessions, we also have great socials. From cocktail bars to restaurants and nights out, we explore all the city has to offer!

We’ve tried afternoon tea at Slug and Lettuce, Patisserie Valerie, Café Rouge, and are looking forward to trying many more!

Recently we spent an evening at York’s Chocolate Story. We learnt about the making of chocolate before taking part in a Chocolate Masterclass filled with chocolate truffles and wine!


Societies are a must

Joining a society whilst at university is an absolute must. I encourage anyone coming to York to take a look at the huge list available on the Students’ Union (YUSU) website.

Whether you are interested in baking (I fully recommend joining!), sports, student media, Hummus or even Louis Theroux – there is so much variety! Plus, if there is something you are interested in that isn’t on offer, you can get a group together and apply to start your own society!

University is a great place to get involved in extra-curricular activities. You can pursue a hobby or take the opportunity to try something new just for fun!

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