A week in the life of a philosophy student


Mondays usually involve an afternoon lecture. I spend my morning preparing for my week; this involves organising my schedule, writing up a to-do list and going over any essential reading for the topics ahead. After attending my lecture, I usually go home and try to finish off my lecture notes. I re-visit any slides that I missed since it is scientifically impossible to fully keep up with your lecturer and simultaneously take notes in real-time.


Tuesdays follow a similar timetable. My tasks involve attending my morning lecture and then completing any notes after I get back. Additionally, I begin preparing for my seminars by engaging with the reading and planning out my answers to any questions that I am given.

I usually try to switch up my environment when studying in order to make the whole process more interesting and avoid burnout. This is why I usually rotate between studying in my bedroom, going to the library, or stopping off at a nearby coffee shop with a friend.

a week in the life of a philosophy student
Central Hall and the lake on Campus West


My Wednesdays are what Mondays are to most people. This is by far the busiest day of my week. Apart from my morning lecture, I also must finish off my preparations and answers for both of my seminars on Thursdays. This involves going through the material taught throughout the week and editing any notes that could aid the seminar discussions.


My first seminar for the Early Modern Philosophy module is on Thursday morning. Since I thoroughly enjoy this module, I always find it engaging and interesting. My second seminar on Reason and Argument is in the afternoon, giving me some time for extra preparations. These seminars are an effective way for me to clear things up and expand my understanding of the material. After I have completed my work for the day, I attend a creative writing club called Inklings during the evening. It is the perfect end to a busy day where I can focus on my writing and generate ideas in a fun and relaxed environment, whilst also meeting others with similar interests.

a week in the life of a philosophy student
Heslington Hall on Campus West


Friday is the day things begin winding down in time for the weekend. I usually have one lecture at noon. I simply have to complete my notes on the material before I am finally free from the insatiable grasp of my university duties. In the evening, I go to a movie night set up by the World Cinema Society. We watch excellent movies from all over the world. I’ve wanted to expand my repertoire of world cinema, and this club allows me to do so in a cosy social setting.


So, I successfully made it through another week and now I deserve a little me time. Interpret ‘me time’ as not leaving my bed and scrolling on my phone until I physically cannot feel my eyeballs. Although this is my version of paradise, eventually there will be another Monday to get through. Thus my time for mindless media consumption is limited.

Eventually, I force my self from my bed to my desk (this takes immense motivation so please feel free to applaud). I catch up on anything that I have not managed to complete throughout the week. In an ideal world, I would also start my readings for the seminars that are ahead of me, and even start planning my answers for the set worksheets, but that is simply in an ideal world.

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