How to stay motivated during Lockdown

Day 1097  in Lockdown. You’re laid on your bed looking upwards at your ceiling wondering how it came to this. You’re weeks behind on your deadlines but it’s not even due to procrastination this time. This time it’s down to *gulp* a ‘lack of motivation’.

But how do you stay motivated during a global pandemic which has affected every aspect of your life? Staying motivated during lockdown is by no means easy, but it’s not impossible. 

Here are my top tips for staying motivated during lockdown:

Create a weekly to-do list

While it’s difficult to keep a track of the days, keeping a track of your tasks shouldn’t be. Every Monday morning create a detailed list of everything that needs to be achieved; inclusive of deadlines, chores, responding to emails etc.

This helps focus your attention, gives you direction and most of all a sense of purpose.

How to stay motivated - write a to-do list

It’s all about routine!

One of the main things missing from your life due to lockdown is routine and consistency. So design a new one!

Shape a new study time-table around your new online classes and go from there. Dedicate time for reading, studying for exams, as well as time for doing whatever you want to do!

Balance is important right now. It’s crucial we give ourselves time to chill and catch our breath otherwise you’ll find your timetable quickly falls apart (along with your mental health).

Working out the frustration

If you can’t go to the gym or go on your holiday as you originally planned (thanks COVID) you’re likely frustrated with the state of your life. Exercising is one of the best outlets.

It’s been scientifically proven time and time again that exercise releases endorphins and serotonin giving you a natural buzz, helping lift your mood. Incorporating even twenty-minutes of exercise into your daily routine, ideally in the morning, will help kick start your day and make it easier to crack on.

How to stay motivated - get moving

Not everyone as access to a home gym, so why not take a walk? Or complete the latest (borderline insane) Instagram challenge of Run 5K, Donate £5, Nominate 5, and watch your followers quickly decrease as your friends run for cover. Or better yet, watch Joe Wick’s exercise videos in the living room, but beware of accidentally knocking over your mum’s vase… its lockdown, you can’t escape her wrath this time.

Make a daily to-do list

So that weekly to-do list, I told you to make? How do you feel about making a daily one?

This is one habit I can personally vouch for that works. I take a minimum of two things from my weekly to-do list and set it as my goal to achieve that day.

Whether it’s to send off applications for an internship, complete a set reading, or remembering to take the bins out that day. This daily to-do list not only gives you something to aim for it also shows you at the end of the day what you’ve managed to achieve.

Reward yourself!

So if you’re anything like me you may sometimes struggle, despite all the above recommendations, to actually discipline yourself to sit down and write 500 words for that essay, that really should have been done by now.

One way to combat this is to reward yourself! Say your goal for the day, is to write 500 words. Break it up into smaller goals and track your progress. When writing essays, I often write on a bit of paper what my word count is every half an hour.

0 @ 10:00
143 @ 10:30
358 @ 11:00 etc.

Once you’ve written 100 words reward yourself with a ten-minute break, a fresh drink, a youtube video, giving your dog some attention, whatever floats your boat. By breaking down larger targets and incentivising them with rewards it makes it easier to get started.

These are my top five tips for how to stay motivated during lockdown! These are trying times so remember not to overwork or be too hard on yourself. Stay safe and stay home guys!

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