Career Survival for Science Students

Calling all Science PGR Students!

Whether you’re nearing the end of your studies, or if you’re just planning for the future, we’re running a careers presentation specifically for Science PGRs in a couple of weeks.

10:00-11:15, 4th June 2020, online

Kevin Parker, one of our experienced external trainers from KKI Associates, has offered to join us in these difficult times and deliver his Zoom presentation ‘Career Survival for Science students: Dealing with Difficult times’. Kevin is a lively and engaging speaker and we know that this will be an hour worth spending with us.  

Kevin will narrate his Chemistry PhD experience (including blowing up a lab), and his work experience, firstly at an Oil Company and then freelancing for 25 years. He will take us through what he did, the difficulties he faced and the key personal skills he needed to carry out each job.

He will also provide an overview of what important employers have told him are the skills they look for in graduate recruits, along with advice on how to survive job-hunting. Most importantly, Kevin will provide an insight into things we can do while isolated and provide tips for maintaining our mental health when working from home.

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