Research Assistant (Part-time): Diversity and Inclusion in Informal Learning Spaces

Diversity and Inclusion in Informal Learning Spaces in the Videogame Industry is a new project funded by the University of York (ESRC IAA) Social Science Enterprise Scheme (SSES). This project is carried out as a part of the SIGN (Screen Industries Growth Network) project which is a new initiative launched by the University of York in partnership with eight other universities across Yorkshire and the Humber and Screen Yorkshire who are based in Leeds. 

Project details: 
Informal learning spaces in the videogame industry, e.g. conferences, meet-ups and game jams, play an important role in facilitating access to job opportunities, exchanging knowledge and developing new skills. However, the unregulated nature of these spaces raises concerns about their inclusivity and accessibility to diverse participant groups. This project will promote diversity and inclusivity in the industry through collaborations with national and Yorkshire-based videogame industry representatives. The project has three main objectives:

To identify obstacles to diversity and inclusion in informal learning spaces in the videogame industry through collaboration with external partners and a review of secondary data, e.g. guidelines for organising inclusive events

To articulate strategies and solutions to improve the inclusivity of informal learning spaces through the co-production of knowledge with external partners, interviews with informal learning space organisers and participants

To identify gaps in knowledge about informal learning spaces and the need for further cooperation with the sector

Skills Required Include:

Proven research skills, including the ability to conduct desk-based research and familiarity with designing and implementing qualitative research projects

Excellent organisational and time management skills with an eye for detail and accuracy

Effective communication skills with the ability to concisely express ideas both verbally and visually

Excellent written communication, which can be leveraged to effectively contribute to the production of the project report and the best practice guide

This opportunity is brought to you by the Student Internship Bureau and is currently advertised on Handshake. The successful candidate should be able to work for 15 hours per week for 12 weeks, starting in December. The closing date is 30th November, with interviews taking place on 4th December. Go to Handshake to see full details of this opportunity, including how to apply.

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