Nominate yourself and others for a GSA Award

The GSA Awards are your chance to celebrate some of the most amazing people you know and how they’ve contributed to the postgraduate student community. 

There are a number of different awards and trophies on offer, including: 

  1. Academic Representative of the Year Award
  2. Most Active Network Leader(s) of the Year Award
  3. Part-Time Officer of the Year
  4. Inclusivity Advocate Award
  5. Event of the Year Award
  6. Campaign of the Year Award
  7. Volunteer of the Year Award

Students, University staff and GSA staff can nominate any postgraduate student that they feel fulfils the criteria. Students are encouraged to nominate themselves for awards too. Attach any evidence of meeting the criteria to your nomination.

Nomination deadline: Monday 12 July 2021

Find out more about the GSA awards.

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