Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

It’s coming up to that time when exams are beginning to creep up on us unsuspecting students, and the year is reaching its final chapter. The biggest highlight of summer term without a doubt is Roses, an annual inter-university sports tournament against Lancaster, in which each uni take it in turns to host a large scale campus event, resulting in all kinds of fun.

Last year, it was York’s turn to host and boy, what a weekend it was, battling it out in sports from Rugby Union to Octopush. Roses works on a points system with every event contributing to the overall score. Every sport plays, with new ones being added all the time- with sports like Rugby League being added last year and Gaming being added into the events next year, there’s so much going on.

As a fresher last year, one thing that amazed me about the whole proceedings was just how big an event it was. Roses is huge, not only in scale but also in what it means for both universities to take home the crown, in what is a long and storied rivalry. The events are co-ordinated in such a way that as a spectator I could just float around the 22 acre playing field or either of the two sports centres to see something going on. There is a sizeable crowd around to cheer on every event. Not only is the whole of campus abuzz with activity, but even if you don’t play a sport, there’s plenty to get involved in.

All of the campus media are involved – radio, TV, and the various student publications who
keep track of everything going on. There’s music, performance, and even a dedicated website for the event which charts everything including the build up, coverage and the live scores. Oh, and for the record, we won last year…

Roses guarantees to be the biggest party of the year. The opening ceremony last year consisted of Central Hall being transformed into a boxing ring for an exhibition match, opened by none other than Roy Hodgson. There’s fireworks, club nights, and a hell of a lot else to get involved in. This year, its York’s turn to bring the fight to Lancaster but when you arrive next year the festivities will once again be on home turf, and you can see just what an event Roses is from the comfort of your halls.

Another great thing about Roses is that you don’t have to be the best of the best to take part in a sport. Every team from the A’s to the C’s get the chance to claim some points for the uni. Without saying anymore I’ll leave you with the (exceptionally well made) trailer for last year’s event. Hope to see you there!


Oh yeah, and before you go, here’s a video of last year’s opening ceremony…

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