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Hi! We’re the student blogging team for 2018/19. In our own words, we’ll give you an authentic insight into what life as a York student is really like. Let’s introduce ourselves:


Student blogger, Aiko

Hiya, I’m Aiko, I study Marketing with a Year in Industry and I’m a second year in Langwith College.

An interesting fact about me…
I’ve joined the Japanese society to meet new people and take part in conversation classes, as my mum is Japanese and I’d love to become fluent!

Why I chose York
It’s a really beautiful city, and when I came here I just felt like it was such a friendly campus and the course looked really good. There’s so much to do here, and I’m always finding a new favourite cafe or historic spot to explore. I love that it’s such a friendly city full of independent shops and that bigger cities like Leeds and Newcastle are just a train ride away.


Student blogger, Alex

Hi, my name’s Alex. I’m a 2nd Year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student in Halifax College.

York was one of the best universities that I visited. It’s also close to my home in Doncaster, so I’ve grown up in the shadow of the city, coming to visit on Bank Holidays and weekends for days out.

My top tip for fresher’s week?
Try to go out, as many nights as you can, but don’t feel pressured to do so, also definitely don’t feel pressured to drink. Call home, it’s going to be a weird week for the first time living away from home.


Student blogger, Amy

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m originally from Gateshead (near Newcastle) but moved to York to do an Archaeology and Heritage degree. I’m in my first year and I’m in Alcuin College.

My favourite place on campus has to be my room. I also like my kitchen because it’s huge and I get on really well with the rest of my flat. It’s just a nice place to hang out – this term we decorated it for Halloween which was great.

Why I chose York
I would argue that York is the most beautiful city in the country. It’s absolutely gorgeous! That was one of the reasons I wanted to come here. Also, my course is great and I love my department. When I came to an Open Day it really struck me that the lecturers on the course were all human beings! I really really appreciated that – it’s so easy to have a real conversation with them.


Student blogger, George

My name’s George, I’m studying English and History and I’m in Alcuin College.

I chose York because it’s a Russell Group university, the campus is really pretty, and it was one of the universities that did joint honours in English and History. That was important to me as I really wanted to do both subjects.

My favourite places
Aesthetically, my favourite place on campus has got to be Central Hall because it looks like a spaceship, but I probably spend most of my free time in Courtyard! Beyond campus, there are loads of great restaurants in York, but despite this, I’d say that the Oakey’s food van after a night out is my favourite! I pick cheesy chips and gravy, like a true Northerner.


Student blogger, Jonny

Hello, I’m Jonathan or Jonny. I’m first year studying Film and Television and I live in Vanburgh College. I’m originally from Manchester, for better or for worse!

I chose to come to York because the facilities are amazing for film and television on Campus East and the standard of teaching is really good. I’m part of the badminton society and University of York Student Television (YSTV). YSTV is really good – it gives you a ton of options and opportunities to film stuff!

An interesting fact about me…
I’m 6 ft 5! In fact, one time when I was at Alton Towers, I got rejected from a ride because I was so tall. I’d queued all the way as well!


Student blogger, Lily

Hi, my name is Lily. I’m in Alcuin, I’m studying Chemistry and I’m a second year.

I would recommend York as I think it’s a really nice place. It doesn’t feel like school or like you have to do things all the time. It’s really relaxed and there’s a nice atmosphere – everyone seems really happy. All the correspondence I got before I arrived felt really personally tailored to me – it felt like they actually wanted me and that’s why I chose to study here.

My favourite place on campus is Alcuin Kitchen. It has a really relaxed atmosphere so it’s a great place to meet up with friends or catch up on some work. It’s a nice alternative to Courtyard and D-bar which can get really busy and noisy during the day!


Student blogger, Rosie

My names Rosie, from London. I came to York to do Sociology through clearing having never visited it before (didn’t even know it was in Yorkshire!), and it couldn’t have turned out any better.

I have a keen interest in film and photography (I spent the summer working on a Netflix TV show) and I’m hoping to do a Masters in documentary film and ethnographic research.

My favourite thing to do in York is eat at all the yummy places in the city. There’s so much choice! And my favourite place around campus is the boathouse, it’s not technically on campus but its owned by the university and I really love rowing.


Student blogger, Tara

Hi, I’m Tara, a 2nd Year Psychology student and I’m in Alcuin College.

People have this idea that you shouldn’t go to uni too close to home, but I chose York because it’s such a cosy city, and has the bonus of being close to where I live. It makes it easy for me to see my family and friends at home, as well as having a uni social life. York’s such a nice place and I love that it’s a campus uni, it feels like a little community.

One thing I couldn’t live without at uni…
All the different study spaces! It’s so useful for me because I can’t work in the same surroundings all the time, I need variety. I love that there’s always somewhere you can go to work within walking distance from where you live – another perk of campus!

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Hi! We're the Student Content Team for 2018/19: Aiko, George, Amy, Jonny, Alex, Lily, Tara and Rosie. In our own words, we'll give you an authentic insight into what life as a York student is really like.

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