York Law School – The Interview Stage

Firstly, I want to say you deserve a pat on the back for choosing York Law School! I can confidently say the degree and sheer volume of career support is like no other.

With this in mind, take a few tips from a third year who all those years ago was in your shoes; both nervous and excited about the prospect of an interview. I dressed in a smart dress, eager to make a good first impression.

So, what to expect from the interview?

Let me break it down into three areas based upon my interview experience: the general questions, debate questions and your final opportunity to shine.

General questions

Firstly, it’s important to note that your interviewer isn’t there to catch you out, they genuinely want to see you thrive! My first few questions revolved around my reasons for choosing York Law School, The University of York and more general questions about my career goals.

They are not looking for a set ‘right’ answer, so if you love a specific aspect of the university, don’t be afraid to say it.

For me, the course was like no other I had seen, with Problem Based Learning (PBL) used to enhance your teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Initially, for me, the whole idea of PBL was overwhelming as I started worrying that my team wouldn’t get along.

However, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have had such amazing personal development opportunities at any other university. You’re immersed in such interesting cases and it’s genuinely fun to see how people react to scenarios. Quite often they provide an insight you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Thus, my first point is to be clear in why you want to study here as your enthusiasm is well appreciated during the interview.

There were also questions about me (how I learn from experiences) and my approach to group work.

Debate questions

Secondly, the debate questions are designed to see how you react to different situations. They show that you understand how to construct an argument.

There’s absolutely no way to prep for this. Quite often you are taken aback by the randomness of the questions (you can get an idea of these from the Interview Guide on the Law School website).

Enjoy this experience – the interviewer wants to see how you think on your feet and it really allows you to see where your strengths in arguing are.

My take away point from this aspect of the interview is to provide both sides to an argument. Show you appreciate not all issues are one-sided.

The final question was to see how I think creatively – For me, the question I least expected was ‘what song would you play at a Law disco?’.

Ask questions

Finally, there’s the last chance to let your personality shine. You’ll get the opportunity to ask students and staff questions outside the interview. Take advantage of this – you’ll be the one studying here!

For me, I was curious to know about how the university supports language learning. I received some great advice about the ‘Languages For All’ courses the university offers.

Overall, just focus on being yourself. Here at York Law School, creativity is not only encouraged but actively supported.

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I am currently a third-year Law student and lived in Langwith during my first year.

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