My life as a sociology student

Sociology is a lively subject, full of discussion and debate amongst many different types of students. It’s a subject where you learn new things when you’re least expecting it, and this is my life!

My academic life

Starting from scratch, I spend around 8 hours a week in lectures and 4 hours in seminars. Seminars are a lot cosier than lectures, with a lot more discussion and fewer people. They’re pretty spread out, and no two days are the same. The beauty of having some morning classes and some afternoon classes is that it helps you keep a good routine, while also not forcing you to be out of bed at 8am every single day (can you imagine?). It also allows you to go into town since every hour isn’t spent in a lecture, plus York is beautiful, go have a look!

My life as a sociology student - the River Ouse
View of the River Ouse in town

On Thursday I have one lecture and two seminars, this is actually my busiest day (and also my favourite). There are gaps between each lecture and seminar which allows me to rewrite my notes and do any reading I may not have finished (it happens, don’t make it a habit though). It also gives me time to have a look at all the content we just went through, sometimes its hard to keep up and its okay to look back at things, that’s why we have the Virtual Learning Environment (with recorded lectures, but it is not an excuse to skip!).

My social life

Uni isn’t all about running around trying to find lecture theatres and reading, although that is a big part of it. There are a bunch of socials, societies and nights out. You can go to them all, or none, but I’d encourage you to try out everything. Never played archery? Go for it! Haven’t run a mile in your life? Who cares, try it out. There are so many societies to join, you won’t run out. I’m part of the British Asian Society and we’ve had a bunch of amazing events, including a Bollywood night and a Diwali event.

My life as a sociology student - Diwali celebration with the British Asian Society
Lantern lighting at a Diwali event

I’m also part of the Sociology Society, and we had an amazing ‘school uniform’ social in the first term. It was fun to meet people who also do sociology and hear their experiences, right before a night out with the same people. It was the way I met people who I now sit with during all my lectures! There’s also a sociology and criminology hour every Thursday that can be fun as well. We had a dog petting hour once, it was so good!

Student nights are amazing, they’re a great way to have a relaxed night out, and happen pretty much every other day, so if you can’t make one, you can always go to the next one!

There’s so much going on in my life, but I wouldn’t change anything I do.

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I'm Quratulaien and I'm a first year sociology student. York is a beautiful town and has an amazing campus to match. Everything so far has been amazing, I've met some lovely people and joined some new societies. I'm staying in Derwent and it's extremely lively, there's never a dull moment.

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