Looking forward….

Next term is set to be a busy one! Here’s a few things that I’ll be up to…

  1. Assessments due!
    More of a case of looking forward to having them done rather than actually doing them but still an important landmark. This year I have assessments due for the final deadline in May, what’s great about this course is that it’s not all about essays. Assessments can take the form of reports, portfolios and research projects which keeps things interesting and means you gain from your degree a whole range of different writing and presentation skills. Getting them all done in time can be stressful but with a good plan of action (and plenty of snacks to get you through) it can be done.
  2. Volunteering with York Students In Schools
    Alongside my course work, this term I’m really excited to be taking part in a volunteer mentoring scheme with the Careers Service called York Students In Schools. The scheme runs through all three terms and gives students the opportunity to help out with a class at a local primary or secondary school, depending on what you’re interested in. Last year I helped with a Year 3 class once a week with their PE and RE lessons. This term I’m doing a new scheme where I get trained to mentor a Year 6 pupil to help them get ready for moving up to secondary school. Even if you are not interested in being a teacher, a YSIS placement is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience working with children and young people and is something I have found to be really enjoyable and rewarding.
  3. Placement
    If you came along to our department Open Day you will have heard that taking part in the placement module in third year is a real highlight for many students. Most students choose to do their placement in the summer holiday of second year and I am really looking forward to doing mine at a local charity that gives support to children who have been through some sort of trauma or loss. This year one of my modules has been about issues affecting children and young people so I’m really interested to see how the theories and policies I’ve learnt about are put into practice. I know I want to work with children and young people after my degree so getting the opportunity to have an insight into an organisation like this one is really valuable.
  4. Next year!
    The thought of going into my third and final year at York is a terrifying one but after having chosen my modules for next year I’m really looking forward to what next year will bring. Third year gives you the chance to really specialise into the areas you’ve found interesting in the first two years. As well as this you write your dissertation on a topic of your choice, which I know will be a huge challenge but one I am excited for.

So a busy but exciting few months ahead. Hopefully by now you will have chosen York as your firm choice so you have lots to be looking forward to too!

Katherine 🙂

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I'm a second year Applied Social Science Student at the University of York, I'm interested in politics and social justice and enjoy volunteering in my spare time. So far I have had a fantastic time at York and hope you enjoy reading about it :)