What to do over the holidays

The length of the holidays when you’re at uni is slightly absurd, by real-world standards, but its existence is well justified. What you choose to do in your 3 months of summer holidays can be either very fun or a great CV booster or both. Last summer I made a fair effort at ticking the ‘both’ option. The … Continue reading What to do over the holidays

Wait, so you’re an elderly nurse? But you look so young!

“No, LD, a Learning Disability nurse!” A couple of colleagues and I, all Learning Disability student nurses, went to a recent conference with Health Education England (HEE). We met fellow students from London, Hull and Northumbria and many others to discuss the attraction of Learning Disability nursing, the course we are undertaking, any problems we … Continue reading Wait, so you’re an elderly nurse? But you look so young!

Christmas in York

In previous years, I have returned to my home town for my Christmas holiday. However, this year I decided to stay in York, as it is my last year where I can spend my Christmas here! Let me explain a bit about how people celebrate Christmas in York. A Christmas market, which is situated in York city centre, was … Continue reading Christmas in York

Philosophy at A-Level and Degree – What’s the Difference?

If A-Level is difficult – is a Degree Still for Me? On the one hand, I loved studying A-Level Philosophy. The chance to explore the ideas of some of history’s best philosophers was a whole new opportunity. So if you’re studying A-Level at the moment, and loving it, you’d have good reason to. Despite this though, I did find aspects of … Continue reading Philosophy at A-Level and Degree – What’s the Difference?

Why I love Music at York

This being my first blog post here, I’d better start basic… I love being at York. Corny as it might sound, I really have been so grateful for my time here so far. I had a pretty unhappy time towards the end of school, and actually went to another university to study Anthropology before leaving … Continue reading Why I love Music at York

Starting your new chapter

Hi there, this is my first blog and therefore this is all new to me. I’ll start by telling you about myself but I’ll keep it brief so I don’t bore you! My name is Alice, I am currently a second year student studying Economics and Finance at York, I come from London and I … Continue reading Starting your new chapter


Hello! I’d like to take some time in this post to talk about societies. During high school and sixth form I’d never really been part of a “club”. I did guitar lessons and used the gym, but I never did things as part of a team. I was your stereotypical un-sporty, maths geek type that … Continue reading Societies