Christmas in York

In previous years, I have returned to my home town for my Christmas holiday. However, this year I decided to stay in York, as it is my last year where I can spend my Christmas here! Let me explain a bit about how people celebrate Christmas in York.


A Christmas market, which is situated in York city centre, was set up in early December. When I see the Christmas market, it reminds me that it’s Christmas time! I love everything in the market, especially the food and drinks. The German sausage burger is a must try item in the Christmas market as it is so tasty and only costs  £5. The city centre is filled with a strong Christmas atmosphere for the whole of

This year, there is a mini “winter wonderland” in the city centre as well. It can’t really be compared with the one in London, but still, it creates a lovely Christmassy atmosphere.

Let me also recommend an Italian restaurant, that I have tried recently, called Caesars. It serves traditional Italian dishes and I would highly recommend their pasta to you. All the staff greet you warmly and they are all very friendly. However, this restaurant is quite full so I would recommend to reserve a table before you get there.

While celebrating my Christmas with all my family and friends, I also have to prepare for my assessments. Many of you might be confused with the differences between BA Management and BSc Management, which are two degree programmes offered by the York Management School. It’s actually fairly simple. BA represents Bachelor of Art, whereas BSc represents Bachelor of Science. In BA Management, students are mainly assessed by essay writing, which maybe preferred by students who are good at writing. As for the BSc Management, students will be assessed by exam on some maths-based modules and will also write a few essays. Students who prefer maths may choose to take this degree programme. For me, being a BA Management student, I find that time management is important for my university life. I usually choose a planner to manage my time for my essay writing. I hope you all have a good Christmas time and good luck with any revision you have to do.

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Hi. I am Wendy and I come from Hong Kong. I am a final year management student. I have a passion for dancing and this has driven me become a member of York Hornets, the University Cheerleading team. My fascination with Korean culture has also led me to become a member of the Korean society.