Why I chose York (from the perspective of an international English Literature student)

Hi there! I’m Mi Chelle, a second year student from Malaysia studying English and Related Literature.

Applying to university can be a stressful process. Even after you’ve received offers from the universities you applied to, you still have the daunting task of choosing one to go to and kickstart your university life. York is an absolutely wonderful place to be at, and here are some of the reasons why I picked it:

The course 

The English course at York is one of the main reasons why I decided to come here.

Here at York the course covers literature from the medieval period to more modern forms of media like graphic novels and film. Not only that, there are World Literature modules that you can take in your second year. These allow you to study a new language and literature in that language. I’ll be taking Old Norse this year and I’m very excited!

The course at York also gives you freedom when it comes to your assignments. You get to come up with your own title and topic for your essays and delve into your own independent research. I was daunted at first before coming here. But I’ve had loads of fun trying to come up with ideas for my essays so far.

Student life

Theatres in Schools volunteering project

Student life at York is vibrant and there’s so much you can do alongside your studies.

I really wanted to do volunteering at university and York has offered so many opportunities for me to do so. Since arriving at York, I’ve joined Theatre in Schools, a volunteering project that organizes drama workshops for young children both on and off campus.

I’ve also gotten involved in one-off volunteering like being a cloakroom attendant at the launch of Thin Ice Press, the English department’s in-house printing studio.

The great thing about York is that there’s just something for everyone. And if you can’t find a student group revolving around your particular niche, you can just create one with your friends! Me and a group of friends have set up a Sober Society. We offer non-drinking alternatives to social activities, open to both drinkers and teetotallers alike.

The support offered

York offers a great support system in many different aspects and this was one of the things that attracted me to York.

Academic-wise, there are places in the university like the Writing Centre or the Maths Centre that you can go to for help. Going to my tutors’ office hours have helped me immensely whilst I was writing my essays during first year. I can have a chat with them about my ideas and how I’m finding the academic term.

Outside of academic life, the university offers mental health support in the form of Open Door, Nightline and many more. These are all accessible to all students.

The city

Whilst applying for university, I decided I didn’t want to go to university in a hustling and bustling city like London. Instead, I wanted somewhere quieter but still offering loads of things to do. York offered me just that.

The city isn’t super busy but it offers many museums and landmarks. Plus cute little shops (especially bookshops and teashops!), markets and many cafes for you to visit. I’ve fallen in love with the city since coming here last year and I’m definitely going to miss it once I graduate!

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Hi my name is Mi Chelle (pronounced the same as Michelle) and I'm a 2nd year English student from Malaysia.