York can be your home away from home

A home away from home: choosing York 

Deciding which uni to pick can be a daunting decision, but it is also a very personal one. University is somewhere you will (hopefully!) be spending at least three years of your life. It has to be completely right for you! 

Open days are the obvious way to get a feel for a university, so go to as many as possible. Make the most of what the York Open Day has to offer. Explore the city, look around the accommodation and ask all your questions to the students and staff around and about. On my first visit, I really did fall in love with York. Below are a few of the reasons why.

York campus

York has a beautiful campus

The York campus really stood out to me because of its huge range in accommodation, the supermarket for urgent essentials, and a 24 hour library. The main perk is having all your course facilities within arms reach. Whilst you are still adjusting to life in a new city, it is really straightforward finding your important lectures and seminars.

Another great advantage of living on campus is the variety of events happening every week. Having everything right on your doorstep means it is so easy to get involved in the range of activities taking place. You can fully immerse yourself into life on campus. I was really excited by the community feel of a campus, the safety benefits of having members of staff nearby, and a city centre unlike any other, just a short walk or bus ride away.  

York’s college system

York has a unique college system

The colleges at York are mentioned a lot, as only a handful of uni’s have this system. I thought it was a real benefit. There is a support system in place immediately, and a strong sense of family to help you settle in. Being in a college gives you a huge network of people to connect with.

From college sports teams to joining the college committee to the friendly college rivalries – the college system was truly one of the easiest ways to navigate making friends. Also, there’s less pressure in your first few weeks to be really organised with events, as your college will have organised lots of fun things for you to get involved with on campus.

There are currently six colleges on Campus West and three colleges on Campus East. Each has its own identity and distinguishing features. So, the college system can really help guide you to what you’re looking for!

Northern location 

York is an ideal location

This reason may seem a bit odd, but the location of York really appealed to me. Not only does it have great public transport links, so I could easily go visit my friends at other uni’s, but it was actually fairly close to where my parents live as well. Drive an hour down the road towards Hull and I would have been home.

To some people, this close distance might seem really off putting. Since uni is an opportunity to learn, grow and most importantly gain independence, why would you want to live so close to home? Even though I don’t go home very often because there is always something to do in York. When I do travel home the journey is cheap, quick and easy. So, if York is near where you live, don’t be put off! Just remember, there is no chance you’ll bump into your parents on a student night out. 

Whether you’re an international student, a Southerner or Northerner – York is a city that does feel like home straight away. Some of my best friends have travelled from all over the country, and even the other side of the world to live in York. We all very quickly found our place here.

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Hi, my name is Eleanor and I study English Lit. I am in my third-year, which is so exciting and interesting, but also really scary to think about how quickly time has flown! I'm involved in the Derwent college committee, so I'm really keen to get more people interested and involved in their college life, as it's a great way to meet new people and actually make a difference to student life. I also volunteer with numerous charities based in York, as well as being a member of International Development Society.