How to settle into university if you’re struggling

Getting used to living in a whole new place where you don’t really know anyone is difficult at the best of times. However, due to a variety of circumstances, you might be finding it particularly hard to adjust. Although this is an added struggle, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. You can still settle in and find your place at university regardless. Here are a few ways you can look for a support system:

University Services

The University has a wealth of resources that can help you access support. This often starts in your department, where you might have a student support and experience officer. They can explain to you what resources you might be eligible for.

In addition, Open Door and the Disability Services can help put in place a support system for you. This is to ensure you have continued support at university. This might be through simply talking to someone, or it might be gaining access to grants to enable you to overcome obstacles in your time at university.

There will be someone to help.

Student Community Groups

Being in a new environment can be really isolating because you may not be able to find people with the same interests or experiences as you. However, you just need to know where to look. You might find a community with similar experiences in student community groups, such as international societies. They often enable people with shared life experiences and backgrounds to come together. These are free opportunities to meet people on a weekly basis that allow you to interact with students of all ages.


Have a niche interest or hobby? With over 200 student societies at York, there is something for all tastes. If you’ve always wanted to try a new society or meet people with your interests, now is your opportunity.

Finding support outside of the University

While the University is a great starting point, there are so many ways to meet people and find potential support groups off campus. Activities such as volunteering in the local community might enable you to meet new people. This can provide you with valuable life experience you might not otherwise gain as a student.

It’s important to just take a break from the campus environment sometimes. By seeing what is around you and in York, you’ll become much more comfortable with your local area and get to know people better.

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