Alternative nights to clubbing

Being a third year student, I’ve grown a little tired of student nights. I can’t deny that I have had many a great time in Salvo but if your bored of the same nights every week, or clubbing just isn’t your thing then you’ll be easily seduced by York’s bustling music scene. From funk and soul, … Continue reading Alternative nights to clubbing

The things I’ve learnt…..

Hello, Welcome to my spring blog. It’s a new term, a new season, a new organised me. Ok, maybe not, but in terms of being an organised mummy fitting in children, placement, studying, running, a crazy cocker spaniel oh, and my husband of course, I’ve learnt how not to do things along the way. At … Continue reading The things I’ve learnt…..

Physics Awards Ceremony

On Thursday afternoon we had the Physics Awards 2016 ceremony. It was a lovely afternoon celebrating some of the great stuff that goes on and the fab people that make up the Physics Department here! There were lots of awards, from the ‘Makes a Difference’ awards and ambassador of the year to the ‘Most Flamboyant … Continue reading Physics Awards Ceremony

Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

It’s coming up to that time when exams are beginning to creep up on us unsuspecting students, and the year is reaching its final chapter. The biggest highlight of summer term without a doubt is Roses, an annual inter-university sports tournament against Lancaster, in which each uni take it in turns to host a large scale campus … Continue reading Term three approaches, and it’s almost time for Roses!

Coming Up Next at York…

Hello! How have your studies been going?! I hope you’re well and have been having a great Easter! It’s almost the start of a new term for me, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve got coming up in the next term, how I’ve prepared for it, and what else will be coming … Continue reading Coming Up Next at York…

The City of York!

Hello! Welcome to my third blog for the Student Voices blog collection! So far I’ve talked about how I got to York, and about what it’s like to study here in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. Now, in this blog, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about what York is … Continue reading The City of York!