Why I Chose York

With so many great universities around, making the choice about where you want to study your degree is far from easy. Whilst it’s true that all universities hold their own appeal, I know I’m not alone when I say that the University of York is special. In fact, within the first hour of visiting campus, I knew I wanted to study here. 

So, sit back and let me take you through the top three reasons why I chose York:

Reason 1: A close-knit community

The first thing that drew me to York was the way the University is set out. We’re a campus-based uni as opposed to a ‘city uni’ which is spread out and mixed in with a more urban environment. Different styles of uni are appealing to different people depending on personal preference. What I love about York’s campus-based style is the feeling of a close-knit student community on campus. 

The University of York has a ‘student village’ style in the lovely leafy Heslington, which provides the special feeling of students all living and studying together on campus (with an option to live off-campus if you like). Conveniently, there is also a small retail scene, comprised of convenience shops like Nisa, a Greggs on campus east, and hairdressers on both east and west campus. The campus also has a number of student bars with access to the sports channels, saving you the trouble of making your way into the city to have a pint and watch the game.

Retail spaces on campus

The landscape is beautiful and we have thriving wildlife sharing our campus – including our infamous campus geese! We promise they’re friendly enough!

Friendly campus geese

Reason 2: Fun for everyone

There is always something to do! Living on campus at York, you’d struggle to be bored. When you’re not busy with timetabled learning or independent study, there’s a variety of events and societies you can get involved in.

Student societies are one of my favourite parts of the University. There’s such a wide variety that at least one of them is bound to pique your interest. Last year, I had a blast taking part in a number of week-long live role-play type games with the Humans, Assassins and Zombies Society (HAZsoc), whilst simultaneously learning salsa with the Latin-American Society, and getting involved with the geeky fun of the Dungeons and Dragons Society.

Societies aside, the whole university and the individual colleges that form it put on a number of fun and exciting events, ranging all the way from football and rugby to our own ‘bake-off’ style competition in Goodricke College. There really is something for everyone.

Reason 3: Excellent teaching and support

York’s style of teaching and supporting students is among the best I’ve seen. I am currently a second-year student at York Law School, so I can’t speak too much for the other subject areas available at York, but the help and support I’ve received from the uni as a whole has been wonderful.

When I’ve run into non-university related issues, staff have been really supportive, keen to get me back on my feet. Staff are enthusiastic and seem genuinely glad to be part of the uni. It really shows in the effort and dedication they put into their respective roles as tutors, lecturers, pastoral support, etc… 

A lot of our courses have great academic prospects and excellent career-based opportunities like a year abroad or in industry. Most departments also host regular events related to different jobs and postgraduate education. These are helpful when you’re thinking about what to pursue after graduation. And it doesn’t hurt your CV that we’re a well-respected Russell Group University either…

So overall?

I chose York because it’s a great place to study, have fun and make friends. My time here so far has been nothing but enjoyable. I would highly recommend that you strongly consider coming here for your degree!

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My name is Xavier (he/him) and I'm a 19 year-old student studying Law at York Law School. My interests range all the way from football to video games and anime. One day I hope to become a successful medical negligence lawyer.