Perked up: About the University landing page

As you might have seen, our About the University landing page has a fresh new look. The regular information is still there, only now it’s wrapped up nicely in our responsive page layout.

The aim was to tell a more compelling story about the University with more immediacy, providing logical links to additional information. 

Just to jog your memory of the original page…

Starting the story

Starting off with a link out to an in-depth story about who we are as a University – the hero image shows a quiet personal moment in the foreground, with relaxing groups on the grass in the background that hopefully suggests a calm yet social campus atmosphere. The most pressing call-to-action points are right at the top of the page, which we decided to do based on data we have about user behaviour.

First things first

The featured content begins with teaching and research excellence to highlight this as our core value. We’ve then turned our most ‘braggable’ facts into more of a feature, too.

Highlighting our local connections and global impact

This YorkTalks 2018 photo perfectly sums up what we wanted to say here about how important local community connections are to York. The York Unlimited campaign and the London Economics report also have a clearer presence now, paired up alongside each other to provide a wider view on fundraising and financial impact at York. 

Showing folks what to expect on campus and how the University is run

Sunny photos of Greg’s Place – always a helpful way of showing our welcoming, beautiful campus! We may be getting some new group shots of the Executive Board for the Annual Report, so watch this space.

A spotlight on widening participation and new developments

Our commitment to widening participation is shown most clearly by our schools and colleges programme, so it’s great to be able to highlight this more prominently. The following feature on the appointment of Charlie Jeffery will only be news for a short time, so this may change soon to reflect another part of the York story.

Your feedback is welcome, and will feed into the larger overhaul of our About section that is to come… Hopefully you like this first step, filled with some quick-wins to revitalise our site.

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