New video for York Unlimited Giving Day

We’re excited about York’s first ever Giving Day which is taking place in November. Our videographer Joe Burn worked with the Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA) to help spread the word.

Joe said, “Matt Ingram from OPPA wrote the script and chose some of the locations, and I suggested a few more.

“Something that was a little different about this project was that I used my own camera on a gimbal to shoot it all (apart from the cutaways). We wanted the shots with the presenters talking directly to camera to be more engaging and energetic than a standard, static ‘talking head’ interview.

“It was only the second day in the job for the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charlie Jeffery, but he was a natural!”

Get involved

Giving Day kicks off on 6 November, but you can get involved now. Find out more about York Unlimited Giving Day

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