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The introduction to Profile 2020 begins by declaring the University’s “unlimited ambitions”. This sentiment refers not only to the exciting possibilities of the future, but also to our York Unlimited campaign, which is helping hundreds of York students realise their potential today.

This year’s Profile begins and ends with this pivotal fundraising effort, featuring the stories of scholarship students whose lives are being transformed thanks to the generosity of University donors (p32-35). 

Our brilliant students are featured throughout, where they tell us in their own words about the opportunities they are pursuing and their achievements. In a series of case studies we hear their success stories across volunteering, placements and entrepreneurialism (p16-23)

Profile 2020 reports on the impact our staff and students make around the world

And, it’s not just our students who are ensuring the University continues to make a significant impact. We discover more about our world-leading academics and their pioneering projects. BioYork, for example, is creating real-world solutions around critical challenges such as the planet’s food and energy consumption. (p4-11

Our staff also continue to play an important role right here in our local community. The University holds more than 200 free lectures and events each year. Combined with our ever-expanding online teaching (p24-29), we are offering even more opportunities for people right across society, both young and old, to learn, develop, and get inspired.

2020 vision

Profile has undergone a major redesign by Marketing’s Brand and Creative Identity team. The new-look edition for 2020 still shares many of the design features of Marketing’s printed publications so as to increase consistency and uniformity. However, the creative typography – a combination of varied fonts and weights – along with signature design elements, such as a thick keyline featured on the cover logo and inner pages, produce a fresh, distinctive style. 

The Profile 2020 logo has been redesigned and now uses a distinctive signature keyline
Profile‘s logo incorporates a thick, distinctive keyline, which is used throughout the design

The design has already been used as the template for other publications, such as the recent York Festival of Ideas report.

Brand leader 

Profile continues to be an important brand and propositional document for the University. With this in mind, we’ve taken a bold step by adding our key University values to the cover.  

Each of the six messages echo our guiding principles and purpose, and neatly link the themes and ideas explored inside.

Order your copies

We hope the Profile 2020 will be a useful prompt when you are representing the University on visits, exchanges and external meetings. If you would like to order copies, please contact marketing-support@york.ac.uk

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