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There’s a lot of work going on to make living on, studying at and visiting campus a great experience, but it’s not always shouted about. We spruced up our campus investment web pages to make sure people can see the good work that’s happening.

The landing page

The campus investment landing page had been unloved for a while; it had a large white space where an image link was broken, a blog that hadn’t been updated in a while and an awkwardly placed man with a shovel standing in a yellow diamond.

The old landing page (left) and the new landing page (right).

We simplified the content, combining succinct text with engaging imagery to clearly convey our aims, direct users to further information and show off some of the architecture that makes the campus stand out. 

The man in the yellow diamond was surplus to requirements and unfortunately, we had to let him go.

To show the University’s forward thinking direction, we also rebuilt the campus for the future page. Previously, it had a bit too much about the past and not enough about the University’s vision for the future.

The current and completed projects lists

The project pages were suffering from a lack of visual appeal – projects were listed inconsistently and not always shown with an image, with some using technical drawings such as an electrical shed (exciting!). It had also become a repository for out of date information. 

We decided to summarise each project with a striking image to add some shazam, with a link to further information. We removed any irrelevant or out of date projects and combined those with duplicate information.

The old (left) and updated (right) completed projects page.

The project pages

We then spent time updating each individual project page, adding new images and rewriting the text so that it was consistent and more digestible.

An updated project page.

The updated pages now present a clear, consistent way to find out about the larger projects happening on campus, while still highlighting the great work that’s already happened.

Keep up-to-date with new and current projects.

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