New video assets in the image library

Our videographer Joe has been with us for a number of years working on a wide variety of projects, ranging from accommodation, graduation, York Unlimited, departmental projects, and the list goes on… and on!

His current favourite is ‘Living on campus’:

Living on campus

What you will notice about this video is the large amount of GV (general view) footage used, which visually tells the story spoken by the narrator. Over the years, Joe has captured a large amount of GV footage, and we are now adding a selection to our image library. These clips have no audio and are intended to be used as either part of a montage with a sound track and text captions, or inserted into interviews to visually represent what the speaker is describing.

The new selection features:

  1. campus clips including drone footage
  2. students in a teaching or study setting
  3. student life, which include societies, sports and freshers’
  4. graduation
  5. campus looking a little festive in the snow
  6. students enjoying the city of York.

The footage has been trimmed, is at 1080p resolution, colour graded and has been exported to mp4. For the more experienced user we have also included the LUT used to grade the footage, which will help match the stock footage with the user’s own video clips. 

Here is a great example of a video created using GV footage, along with photography, text and a soundtrack. This video was created by Lisa Bone in our Marketing team.

Lisa used a selection of photos and GV video footage to create this video in Animoto

Over the next few months we will be adding to the selection of footage in the image library. If you have any thoughts on the types of footage that we’ve included or clips you’d like us to add, please get in touch.

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