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Half of good food preparation is presentation, and the same is true for our work in the Communications team. As part of the rebrand of the University’s in-house caterer from Cucina to Campus Kitchen, we’ve rebuilt their web pages and streamlined the content. And added more pictures of cake.

Across the pages there was a lot of repetition which added unnecessary steps to the user journey. So as well as updating the pages in our Digital Pattern Library template, we took this opportunity to transform the content and improve the user experience.

The original landing page, featuring images in a rolling banner and menu options only in the left hand navigation.

Each of the original six pages corresponded to a separate menu option and followed a repetitive template, displaying the same information over again, such as contact details and calls to action.

Along with the structure of the pages, the menu PDF was linked to from all sorts of different places which made it seem like there were lots of different options. In fact, there was just one menu that we we decided to put front and centre. By using a simple list of meal options and a link to the menu we provide one source of truth, make it simpler for users, and ensure that keeping the content up-to-date is easier for the team.

The original formal dining page.

The new design features clearly defined sections for the main menu, formal dining and dietary requirements, complemented by new imagery. There’s clear contact information and we’ve signposted to other relevant content if users want to know more or give feedback.

Explore the new Campus Kitchen web pages

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