Representing REF

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 results were released earlier this year, with York in the top 10 of universities across the UK for the quality of our research work. 

To celebrate our success, we wanted to create consistent content for our website, social media channels and communications. 

Using elements from our new brand, we designed a bold new graphic approach that could be used across platforms, and adapted to promote subject-specific messages.

Our new research graphic in place on the University’s research web page.
 The new graphic and REF content on our Department of History research page
Digital screen content displayed across the University campus

Case studies

To promote the case studies that were reviewed by REF, we carried through the York text and bold imagery for consistency, but used a range of other colours from our brand palette to distinguish them from each other.

Social media

As well as case study content, we provided do-it-yourself templates for academic departments to share REF results on their social media channels.

For the University’s social media channels we used the same graphics as the website and digital screen content. 

This is just a taste of our REF highlights. To get a full picture of our achievements, explore our Research Excellence Framework 2021 results.

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