Expanding our CMS training toolbox

Here in Communications, it’s our job to train staff across the University to use the Web Content Management System and help them to maintain their respective sections of the University website.

However, we’re aiming to do more than just tell users how to use the Web CMS on a practical level – we want to empower them to make great web pages. Enter our new Web CMS training module: ‘Creating content for the web’.

What’s it all about?

Effective web content is about more than just a nice-looking page; there are lots of factors to consider. For example: Does the structure make sense? Can users find the information they’re looking for easily? Is the page accessible?

We cover all of this in the new module, providing tips on:

  • Writing (style and tone, what not to include)
  • Layout and formatting (using headings, effective link text)
  • Images (selection, web optimisation and attribution)
  • Accessibility (why we need it, key things to consider)

The module will become part of the full training package we offer to new users, ensuring that everyone is equipped to create effective and compelling content for the University website.

If you’re an existing CMS user and you would like to complete this module, let us know by emailing communications-support@york.ac.uk.

The module covers how to select images for your web content, and how to attribute them correctly.
There are quick quizzes throughout the module to test your understanding.
Expand your knowledge of accessibility considerations and why our content needs to be accessible

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