Now available: digital screen templates

We’ve created a selection of branded templates for digital screen content which are now ready to use in the brand platform.

Based on common examples of content that we upload to screens and with input from users in departments who share specific messages with students, we designed the templates so users can create their own branded, accessible content that brings consistency to our messaging.

There are a range of options available including straightforward messages, departmental and research event promotion and more.

Keeping in mind the way content is displayed on screens, we’ve designed these to be simple and striking, with short text options and clear areas for a link or QR code to show viewers what to do next or how to find out more information.

What’s available?

  • Academic talks/events – for promoting academic talks or lectures where you might want to highlight the speaker.
  • Department or service events – for academic talks/events that are hosted by the department or talks/events hosted by a professional services team/area. The department or service team name should be included as part of the sub logo.
  • Department or service messages – for clear messages to specific student groups, either in departments or from services. The department or service team name should be included as part of the sub logo.
  • Research events – for events that are highlighting or specific to research at York. This includes the ‘Research’ sub-logo.

You can select different colour options when you create your document, and populate the text and image sections easily by clicking the placeholder text and image areas and replacing them with your content.

Getting started

We’ve written guidelines for the digital templates, which you can use to get started creating content.

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