Formulating our plans for CMS support

The Communications Support team strives to offer the best service to University colleagues. To do that, we’re going to be introducing improvements to our processes, training and guidance.

Our first improvement has been to make it simpler to request support for website content. Our new web request form can be used to ask for help with a web edit, a news story, an event listing, a staff profile update or for advice on creating new content. More structure means you’ll know exactly what information we need, and you can let us know if you have a suggested deadline and upload files. 

As some areas of the website are maintained by different teams, we’ve set the form up to ensure requests get to the right people, either in Communications or Marketing (MRAO). Some academic departments have dedicated web authors; we’re working on updating the site map and web authors list so you can check to see if there’s someone who can help.

What’s next?

To empower users of the Web Content Management System (CMS) we want to use our experience, expertise and knowledge to:

  • provide more training options for the CMS
  • build more documentation and guidance on how to create good content
  • work more closely with CMS users
  • send regular communications on what’s new and known about the CMS

Need to get in touch about something else?

You can reach the Communications Support team at

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