A new line of support for the CMS

There are currently over 800 users with access to our Web Content Management System (CMS). That’s a lot of people to support – whether troubleshooting a bit of content or completely rebuilding a section of the website. The Communications Support team aims to offer the very best support for users of the CMS, and we’ve just added another string to our bow.

I’ve recently started in the brand new role of Publishing Support Officer in Communications; my goals are to improve the experience of CMS users and support the University with publishing digital content. I’m hitting the ground running, so here are some of the CMS-related improvements you can look forward to over the next few months!

Upgrading to the latest version of the CMS

First on my list is coordinating the next CMS upgrade. This will bring some nifty new features, such as a dashboard for easier ways to keep track of your content, as well as bug fixes and UI improvements that will make everyday use that much easier. 

Once the upgrade is complete, I’ll be working out how we can get the most out of the new dashboard feature, hoping to roll it out to users in the new year.

Improving contact information and communication

We want to ensure we’re communicating relevant information about the CMS to the people who are going to need it, so I’m updating our web author contact list and engaging more with CMS users. I’ll be establishing a semi-regular CMS newsletter, detailing new and upcoming features as well as highlighting fixes to any newly-discovered issues.

We’ll also be reworking some of the Web CMS guide and keeping our known CMS issues page up-to-date, including any workarounds we can offer.


Looking ahead, I’m going to be revisiting our CMS training and building on what we have to incorporate content design, accessibility and compliance considerations. This will not only improve the skills of web authors across the University but empower them to create high-quality, effective content and web pages.

Need CMS help?

Check our Web CMS guide or get in touch with the team at communications-support@york.ac.uk.

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