What’s university really like?

No two university experiences are the same. Being at York for over a year now, I thought I’d share some of the things that I didn’t know before coming to university which you might find useful. Instagram vs reality At my sixth form, the majority of students weren’t applying to university, so student life wasn’t … Continue reading What’s university really like?

York Law School – The Interview Stage

Firstly, I want to say you deserve a pat on the back for choosing York Law School! I can confidently say the degree and sheer volume of career support is like no other. With this in mind, take a few tips from a third year who all those years ago was in your shoes; both … Continue reading York Law School – The Interview Stage

What’s Uni Really Like? Busting the Myths

Hi! I’m Rebecca, I’m in my second year of studying history. I’m here to bust a few myths about living and working at university and tell you what it’s really like being here at York. Myth 1: It’s all work The biggest thing I worried about before coming to uni was how much work I … Continue reading What’s Uni Really Like? Busting the Myths

What University is really like…

So many adjectives come into my head when asked this question: scary, busy, freeing, exciting, stressful…. I am a third year and I’ve experienced so much: I went through the anxiousness of Freshers’ week, not knowing anyone and feeling like everyone knew one another. The amount of work you will get is something you may … Continue reading What University is really like…

Why I chose York: colleges, city, course

The college system I really liked the idea of York’s collegiate system. Having your first-year halls being more than just a place to live, but also giving you a further sense of identity and family, seemed really comforting to me. Now that I’m here, I appreciate the collegiate system even more. Being part of a … Continue reading Why I chose York: colleges, city, course

Freshers’ Week Vlog

Hi, I’m Faye and I’m in my first year at York doing Biomed. I wanted to vlog my Freshers’ Week not only to keep the memories but to show others a true representation of what the week entails! So I’ve captured the highs and lows for you to watch..enjoy! You might also like… Read more student … Continue reading Freshers’ Week Vlog

My Freshers’ Week experience

On your first day, I would expect a lot of waiting around! You’ll probably have to wait for your Freshers’ packs and for your student card. And eventually, you’ll be waiting for whoever dropped you off to leave so you can begin to get to know your new flatmates! There’s a lot of admin involved … Continue reading My Freshers’ Week experience

Freshers’ Week: an international student’s perspective

Some of our students explain what Freshers’ Week is really like at university in the UK, from the perspective of an international student. Mi Chelle, 1st Year English student, Malaysia An event for everyone: Colleges will put on events for freshers, from club nights to quizzes to movie nights. You’ll be meeting a lot of … Continue reading Freshers’ Week: an international student’s perspective

Freshers’ Week: what to expect

The infamous Freshers' Week. But what actually happens and what can you expect? Some of our current students share their experiences of Freshers' Week.

Top things to pack for uni

What should you pack for uni? Some of our current students share their essential uni items and what you should (and shouldn't) bring with you.