A day in the life of an Interactive Media student

The academic excellence at York, is just one of the many reasons one should join. It is a city full of history, culture and a buzzing atmosphere.

A normal day is predominantly spent on campus.

IM students in lab
Interactive Media students in Lab

IM students have many facilities at their fingertips, ranging from an IM lab to numerous rooms and ‘study pods’ surrounded by picturesque views. I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful yet inspiring atmosphere to study in. The facilities are truly phenomenal. In fact, during exam season, the numerous study areas become places to socialise and study in well into the night. With a great bar and cafe within each college, there truly is a place to satisfy all needs.

The Glasshouse
The Glasshouse (on-campus bar)

The high-grade facilities on campus are further complimented by the proximity of places within York. The campus is a short 15-minute bus ride from the city centre, giving so much flexibility to each student.

Such a vibrant city has much to offer. Personally I have been touched by the kindness of locals and am constantly surprised at the chattiness of the Northerners. It’s certainly a nice change from a fast paced city such like London.

Tourism sign York
Signpost in the city centre

York also hosts a number of musicals, concerts and exhibitions throughout the year, satisfying all tastes. The modern social diversity, coupled with the old cobbled roads create a memorable and romantic city.

Side road in York
Bars near Stonegate

The third and last perk I’ll share are the amazing student discounts. York is definitely a student friendly city and this is evident through the constant student discounts in almost every shop or cafe. In fact, even bigger chains often increase their discounts here more than in London. For example, last year GBK offered 40% off the total bill for students, yet in London it was 25%!

City Screen cinema

Overall, it is clear to say that the size of York creates a homely environment. Students from all parts of the world quickly settle in and want to return once they graduate. I recommend the Univeristy of York for anyone who is looking for a happy and fulfilling academic and social life.

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Hi, my name is James, a tech enthusiast and a second-year Interactive media student at the University of York.