The big step to 2nd year..

Okay, so I’m completely new to all of this blogging business, but I’m gonna give it a good go!

*Looking Back*

Wow, where has this first year at York gone?! Feels like yesterday I was sitting laughing with my new classmates as the lecturer said: “This year will fly by!”. “Yeah, okay!” we all replied. In all seriousness it does absolutely fly…

By the third week of my first year I was out in the community with an actual Midwife, real pregnant women, and women who had just given birth. Postnatal visits were my fave – those babies are still so small and innocent! Learning as I went along, I can’t believe how much my knowledge has grown since that first day on placement.

*2nd Year*

In September, just a week after finishing first year, we started the second year. I was back in the community in a different area. The differences are obvious but the Midwifery practice remains similar and I’m still learning all the time. The advantages of changing trusts is being able to recognise where practice is different and even make suggestions to change if necessary (yes students can encourage change!). Having the confidence to address and talk about these things is something I never saw myself doing, let alone understanding what I was talking about.

*Midwifery Society*

In September I also joined the Midwifery Society committee as treasurer. Although I’m definitely not a mathematical genius, I do love spreadsheets and being organised. Plans are absolutely booming for the forthcoming year and we have some amazing study days planned (info on our Facebook page). We really want the society to be a huge success here at York. We are also working closely with 4Louis an amazing charity, which supports families experiencing neonatal loss and stillbirth.

*Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Conference: 2016*

I won a ticket for the RCM conference back in October 2015, so when the tickets were released for the 2016 conference I just had to buy one. Also, it was in Harrogate – close, easy to travel to, and a gorgeous place. This year’s conference was so inspirational. We attended a seminar on Perinatal Mental Health which was captivating. We managed to get a snap with Cathy Warwick (Chief Exec: RCM) which I then tweeted- The tweet was used in Lesley Page’s (RCM President) closing statement of the conference! #MidwiferyMoments. There definitely were Midwifery Moments to remember from this conference!




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I am a 2nd year Midwifery Student. I previously worked in Business and Admin and in a pub for 5 years! I studied Performing Arts at college and pursued my Midwifery career back in 2014 by studying an Access to HE and volunteering as a Doula! I enjoy spending time with my Fiancé and my very cheeky Chihuahua Coco!

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