Exams are over… what now?

The answer to this question might seem a bit obvious: ‘more lectures, more seminars, more reading…’, but that’s not what I am referring to! What can you do to just relax and unwind after a difficult exam week and all the study you had to do for that beforehand? Well, I have a few personal tips for what I like to do after such week!

Meet friends for coffee

In one of my previous posts I went on and on about how cute coffee shops are in York – well, they really really really are, and most of them have great chocolate cake you can have while drinking a nice cup of coffee! I can’t tell you how great it feels leaving an exam room, putting the pen back in your pocket and heading to town with a friend for a nice cup of coffee. (Yes, you probably had a lot of coffee to make it to the exams, but just one more cup won’t hurt that much, right?)

Watch your favourite TV show or film

Now is the perfect time to binge-watch ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or ‘Community’ without having to worry about catching up with lectures! Come on, you deserve it as well! Just laugh with a nice silly sitcom for a couple of days, while you have some of those not-so-healthy snacks! It won’t kill you! (Well, the amount of sugar in those snacks might…)

Travel somewhere

York is connected to so many places by train, so what better time to go off exploring? Take the day out and go to Scarborough, and see the ocean with some friends! Or if you prefer a nice cosmopolitan city, London is only 2hours away, Manchester is 1h30min and Leeds is 20min away! For those who really need to get away – far away – you can always fly to Europe for a couple of days! There are good prices with low cost airlines and both Manchester Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport have connections to great European cities!

This year, I took a trip to Vienna with the Club of PEP right after exams ended! It was incredible, we visited the most beautiful places, and you could feel that everyone there was just happy exams were over!

Do nothing

I know, this one seems an obvious one. But it is in fact TOO obvious for the majority of people! There’s a difference between doing nothing and doing something which means nothing. I know I know, too philosophical – but everyone should, every once in a while, do nothing. Just sit back and look outside. Look at the icy green of York and remember you are warm inside; look at the buses you don’t have to get because you are having a well deserved-break; look at the people working across the street and remember you still have a few years before you lose the ability to take a few days off!

I hope these four short ideas will help you to relax after the exams – you need to be fresh so you can start the new term better!

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Hi there, my name is Tomas and I'm a second year Philosophy and Politics student. The first time I set foot in York was for my Open Day and since then I've been in love with the city and the university! I'm an International Ambassador for the School of PEP, I've done a lot with the Club of PEP and now I'm trying to put into words how great York is!