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Hi everyone I’m Amy, I’m in Alcuin, doing an Archaeology and Heritage degree and I have OCD.

When applying to university, we spend a lot of time looking at the location and the course. Will the lecturers be right for me? Can I afford to live in that city? What societies are there? These are all important and should be taken into account but something that is often overlooked is the wellbeing and student support system. As someone with a history of mental health issues, whether or not the university would be able to support me was a high priority on my list of considerations. And it should be for you too.

Choosing accommodation

My experience with the University of York student support services began when I was applying for accommodation.

There were tonnes of options that I could pick from if I needed some extra requirements while studying here. I asked for a room in a quieter location and, after providing evidence of my disability, my application was approved!

I now have a room that is on the end of a corridor. I’m away from the kitchen and my only neighbour is the boiler. It’s perfect for me. No one would know I’d asked for a quieter location unless I told them. So you don’t have to worry about having awkward conversations with your flatmates.

Alcuin: F Block Ensuite

Student Support Plan

Once I had arrived at the University, the student support team contacted me to talk about setting up a Student Support Plan (SSP).

The process was smooth and they listened to me the whole way. I really feel like the plan reflects my needs and informs staff how they can best support me in my studies.

On top of that, when I needed to change my SSP later in the year, I was able to easily discuss things. I left the meeting with not only an updated SSP but with several suggestions as to how the University could offer further help should I wish to take it.

Central Hall at sunset

Everyday support

The most recent experience I have had with the student support team may be more applicable to people who don’t suffer from any specific mental or physical health problems.

When my flat had an issue that we needed to sort out, we were able to easily arrange several meetings with our college tutor and the college staff. They came to our kitchen, helped us sort everything, replied quickly to our emails and really made us feel like they cared. Through the meetings, they managed to help a bad situation and make everyone in the flat feel better. It was an overwhelming positive experience.

Squirrel spotted by Alcuin College

The student support team at York have really blown me away with their kindness during my first year here. If you’re interested in knowing more about the support on offer here, check out the health and wellbeing and student support webpages.

~Amy xxx

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Hi, I’m Amy and I’m originally from Gateshead (near Newcastle) but moved to York to do an Archaeology and Heritage degree. I’m in my first year and I’m in Alcuin College.