The hidden gems of our campus

One thing that really drew me to York was that it was a campus university. While the beautiful city of York is only a short bus ride away, I thought I’d share some of the best parts of the campus itself. Here’s a list of some of the hidden gems!

The Quiet Place 

A lovely area of my own college; Derwent. If you ever need a break from work or the hustle and bustle of campus, head to The Quiet Place. It certainly lives up to its name. With its pretty scenery and our campus wildlife around you, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing break.

The Quiet Place

Alcuin JCR

Even though I’m a Derwenter, I enjoy Alcuin JCR equipped with it’s own shared kitchen. What’s best is that you’ll usually find Dog Society meeting there every Wednesday. If you’re missing your pets back at home, it’s the best place to have a cuddle and play with some super cute dogs.

Vanbrugh Arms

The campus has a bunch of bars, but Vanbrugh Arms is definitely the most underrated. Whilst it is smaller than some of the other bars, it’s very artsy with lots of cheap drinks. It’s well worth a visit.

FR Leavis Room

As an English student, I had to give a shout out to a room in my own Department. Named after a famous literary critic who used to teach at York, this room is filled with cosy sofas and lots of cushions. You’ll be super comfortable if you want to curl up with a book or go to study.

Campus East market square

Even though I live on Campus West and appreciate our market square (equipped with a Nisa, a Santander branch and a barber shop), I have to give a shout out to Campus East for the Greggs they have on campus. From Campus West, you can get a free, short bus ride and it’s well worth it for a cheeky Greggs.

Derwent Ents

Choosing catered accommodation was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Whilst Derwent Ents and D-Bar aren’t exactly hidden, it’s one of my favourite places on campus. With great food, darts and pool tables, I’ve made a lot of great memories here. It’s also the place where Derwent holds great events such as Cabaret-D, Halloween-D, Christmas-D and much more!

Overall, I love our campus – especially the wildlife that roams it (look out for the geese, ducks, rabbits, squirrels and much more). There are probably even more hidden gems to look out for! If living on campus sounds appealing to you too, why not explore all our colleges and different accommodation options?

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