Moving on from York

In this blog post I’m going to give my personal advice about moving on from university – I hope you find it helpful. Start early  It might seem a long way off but a key piece of advice would be to start thinking about what you might like to do in the future early. This way … Continue reading Moving on from York

Dissertation, Dissertation, Dissertation

Hello again! In my blog post last month I told you about some of the things I get up to in my spare time at York – spare time which at the moment is unfortunately becoming scarce! It might seem a long way off for you, but time at university seems to speed by and … Continue reading Dissertation, Dissertation, Dissertation

Studying Politics at York

Hello again! In my last blog post I told you about some of the fantastic extra-curricular activities available to students in the School of Politics at the University of York. This time, I thought I’d tell you more about the courses and study options available! The School of Politics at York offers a range of interesting courses … Continue reading Studying Politics at York

York Politics Society

Hi! I’m Sam. I’m a third year Politics with International Relations student and this is my first blog post for Student Voices. I wanted to tell you a little about an integral and important part of the life of a Politics student at York: York Politics Society (PolSoc) If you’re a student studying Politics, Politics … Continue reading York Politics Society