Top Tips for a happy Results Day

Results day is scary, there’s no way of denying that, but there are ways of ensuring that you can actually enjoy the whole experience.

I’ll start with my rules for the night before…

Number one: CHILL OUT

It’s hard, I know, but give this stuff a try and I promise it will help. First things first, treat yourself. You’ve tried your hardest and there’s nothing else you can do now, so make the most of your evening. Buy yourself your favourite food, have your favourite drink and watch your favourite film. Or organise to meet up with your friends – have a BBQ or a film night. Anything to take your mind off tomorrow.

Number two: sleep

When it comes to sleeping, your brain will most likely go into overdrive. But just remember, once again, that you’ve done all you can. Whatever the outcome you should be proud of yourself. If you’re still struggling to get your brain to switch off though then just try and read or make yourself a hot chocolate (is all about treating yourself).


My main top tip for today is to just ENJOY IT.

Wake up nice and early. You’re going to want to have plenty of time to get yourself ready – no extra stress is required!!

Your heart is probably going to be beating as fast as it would if you’d just finished running 100m at full speed (I know mine was) but that’s normal so don’t worry.

Number three: getting ready

Put on a favourite outfit or something that you just feel really confident in. If you feel good the nerves will begin to slip away – you should be proud of everything about yourself today. Try and eat something because when those celebratory drinks start you’re going to want to have something lining your stomach… trust me!

Number four: the results are in

My main tip for this part is – DON’T RUSH! If they’re not what you’re expecting then don’t worry, there are plenty of people to help you. Find the teacher that you’re most happy talking to and they’ll provide you with whatever it is that you need. You have time – just relax, think about the decisions that you’re making and make sure you’re happy. This is your future so make the choices that you’re most comfortable with.

Just remember that everyone in that results room, teachers included, are going/have gone through this experience. So you don’t have to feel anxious about being judged for being worried, excited, unhappy or any other emotion that you’re feeling! Everyone understands and the chances are everyone is feeling the exact same as you too. So just enjoy it, it will be a day you’ll remember for a long time!!

Number five: congratulations

You’re happy with your results/your decisions so… CONGRATULATIONS! Pop open that bottle of prosecco and enjoy the rest of your day and summer. The fun is only just beginning!


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I am a second year student studying Psychology in Education. I am a member of Constantine College. My career goal is to become an Educational Psychologist. I have a keen interest in both the positive and negative effects of social media on adolescent mental health - something that I am devoting my time to researching whilst at University, and am also basing my dissertation on. Outside of my educational career I enjoy running, playing netball and travelling.