Try to stay calm: my results day story

Hello, my name is Eve and I have just finished my first year of Sociology at the University of York. Here is my results day story:

What happened on results day?

Whilst I was nervous when I woke up in the morning to get my results, my experience with results day came from a more relaxed angle because at the time I didn’t know whether I wanted to go to university. All I was hoping for was to do my best.

I drove to school to collect my envelope. A lot of people opened their results with other people, but I chose to go to a room by myself because I was more comfortable doing so. I was happy with my results and proud of how my friends had done, which was a lovely feeling. We celebrated by going for a drink and then went on a night out – which was great because pretty much the whole year was there.

What are your top tips for results day?

Have a plan in place for all outcomes. This is something that can take a potential added stress out of the equation on the day. Having a plan in place (for example, having clearing numbers written down), means that no matter what your results are, you know what your next step is going to be. Also, be sensitive to other people, not everyone is comfortable to tell everyone their results.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself if you had to go through results day again?

Try to stay calm (even though results day has the potential to be stressful) because there is always a way forward, even if it might be slightly different to the one you originally had in mind!

Don’t compare yourself to other people, focus on yourself and the best plan for you! And most importantly, whatever the outcome, be proud of yourself for doing the best you could!

Why did you choose York?

I have lived in and around York all my life. I absolutely love not only the University (of course) but the city as well. The University had a campus and therefore a great community feel. There is also a lot of nature and greenery around. The course (Sociology) also suited me and I am a commuting student so I chose a university that wasn’t too far away from where I lived.

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Hello, My name is Eve and I have just finished my first year of Sociology at the University of York.

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