It turned out for the best: my results day story

Hey there! I’m Sophie, a 2nd Year student studying History here at York. Here is my results day story:

What happened on results day?

I checked the UCAS website first thing in the morning before heading into sixth-form to get my results. I was delighted to see that I had got into the University of York. Checking beforehand meant that I had more of an idea of what to expect when I opened the envelope! I collected my results with my Mum and opened them at sixth-form with her.

After this, I finally felt like I could relax and celebrate! I had a nice lunch out with friends and went out for dinner with my parents. I remember I couldn’t quite believe that I was actually going to the University of York in only a month’s time!

What are your top tips for results day?

I made the mistake of refreshing the UCAS page frequently from midnight, but the page didn’t show whether or not I had got into York until the morning, so I lost out on lots of sleep unnecessarily!

It was reassuring to go into sixth-form with my Mum. I didn’t have to drive, and I knew I’d want her there whether or not I was happy or disappointed. I went into sixth-form as early as it opened. This helped me as it meant I wasn’t driving myself mad waiting. I tried to avoid my phone in the morning, as I found it made me even more nervous to see my friends talking about how nervous they all were!

Why did you choose York?

The first thing which attracted me to the University of York was its great reputation and the Department of History’s rankings. Once I’d visited the University and the city, my decision was made! The city is absolutely beautiful and I knew that it was a place I’d be more than happy to live in. I really liked that York is a campus university – I thought that the atmosphere on campus was really nice. I’m so pleased with my decision. I have had so much fun exploring York and going to the many cafes, restaurants and bars, and I’ve really enjoyed studying History.

I am so pleased I chose a campus university. It was great in the first year to live nearby to all my friends, even if they were in a different college. Now I’m living off-campus I love going to campus to do uni work and meet friends. The buses from campus to the city centre are great. I never felt like I couldn’t go to the city centre easily as a result of living on campus.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself if you had to go through results day again?

Remember that results day is not the be-all and end-all. One of my friends missed out on her offer for the University of Birmingham but she’s now having the time of her life at the University of Sheffield, which she got into through clearing. She was stressed on the day, but looking back on it it’s definitely turned out for the best.

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Hey there! I'm Sophie, a 2nd Year student and I'm studying History here at York.