What I wish I knew before Uni life

I’m in a bit of a cathartic mood, so let me let you in on a few things I’ve been thinking about with regards to university life. WARNING: long post ahead. Applying isn’t the scariest thing ever Everyone I met when I turned up in Alcuin (woooo!) took the whole process so seriously. I basically chose my … Continue reading What I wish I knew before Uni life

Is it really the end of term?

I’m sat in the library writing this after a very fulfilling and busy second half of term. Work has been going well and everything that was due at the end of this term has been submitted and I’m now looking forward to writing my report for my mini-project. I thought I deserved a holiday to reward my … Continue reading Is it really the end of term?

Pomegranate Jam, Housing and Deadpool

This term has gone by really quickly – I can’t believe we’re already over half way through! My favourite thing, academically, this term has been the MChem Mini-Project, which is carried out in labs. I was assigned my choice of the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The basis behind this was that we’re constantly … Continue reading Pomegranate Jam, Housing and Deadpool

Chocolates, Chemistry and Christmas

I am still madly in love with Christmas. I get excited about the lights being put up from probably about August. Unfortunately, at Christmas, this year, like all my years at school and like many on other courses, I had exams looming over me. However, I still made time to spend with my family, friends and … Continue reading Chocolates, Chemistry and Christmas

Studying Chemistry@York: Halfway

I should probably start with telling you a little about who I am. I’m a third year studying Chemistry at York and thoroughly loving it. I don’t really know how I can be a third year since it seems I only started a few weeks ago as a fresher having no clue how to survive on … Continue reading Studying Chemistry@York: Halfway