5 Recommended Restaurants in York

Hi everyone! I am Janice studying Psychology in University of York. This is my final year here, and I want to share my experience and best memories with you, so that you could quickly adapt to this lovely city 🙂 I would like to recommend you a few non-English restaurants, which are also my favourite ones.

Red Chili—Chinese

If someone asks me to name just one restaurant that represents Chinese food in York, I would definitely go for Red Chilli. It has a reputation for Beijing and Sichuan cuisine, which means it provides with a mix of traditional and spicy food, such as Beijing Roasted Duck. We all think the food is rather authentic. Last year, York Chinese Students & Scholars Association (York CSSA) also held Chinese New Year’s dinner here. You may also feel its warm atmosphere from its decorations as soon as you walk in. Hope you have a pleasant time dining there!


Khao San Road—Thai

Personally speaking, I enjoyed the dessert here the most! The starters and main courses are also worth trying. They provide genuine Thai food with warm-hearted service. It is located close to the town, which takes around 15 to 20 minutes from the campus.

Regency Restaurant—Chinese

This is a wonderful place if you want to try Chinese dim sum, and it has normal Chinese/Cantonese cuisine as well. Recently, it has started to serve hot pot and BBQ with quite a large range of choices of food to pick from. If you fancy singing, there is some space upstairs for karaoke too! And the most importantly, it’s the closest Chinese restaurant to the campus, and also serve take-away from 12pm everyday.









Mumbai Lounge—Indian

When I first visited, the fine-decorated environment and high-standard service make me feel that dining here must be rather expensive. However, it turns out that I spent only around 15 pounds for the starter and main course, which were also very tasty! I highly recommended Mumbai Lounge to all Indian-cuisine lovers, and all other students to have a try. 🙂


From the name, it is obvious that it contains all kinds of food from all over the world. It is a buffet-like restaurant, and the price varies for weekdays and weekends – a higher price means you have more choices of food, from Japanese sushi to British full breakfast. People often have family dinners or celebrate birthdays here. Remember; take extra care to look at the back of bus tickets, because sometimes you may get COSMO’s vouchers from there!









n.b. this article is not for any promotion reasons but simply providing some personal opinions from my friends and myself.

Hope you enjoy living and eating here in York. 🙂

This guest post is written by Janice, a final year Psychology student at the University of York. Janice is originally from China, and enjoys eating out with her friends!